"Engaging EWS to reduce our waste disposal and recycling expenses at our Coca-Cola facilities has certainly been a win-win experience. Your detailed understanding of our various waste streams and recyclables coupled with your expertise on issues such as transportation and labor costs have enabled us to save thousands of dollars in this important expense area."

Shipping & Warehouse Manager
Coca Cola

Is it really free?

Yes. There are no up-front costs, we simply share in the savings.

What is included in the free evaluation?

We evaluate all of your waste streams and look for savings and efficiencies. Our services include the following steps: 1) A review of your current operations 2) Identification of your opportunities 3) Detailed Recommendations 4) An analysis of expected savings 5) A plan for approval presentation 6) Implementation of the plan 7) Monthly reporting

How can you do all of this for free?

We are so confident that we will find significant savings, that we offer the evaluations for free, and share the savings with your company.

Why would a company want to hire out waste services?

Many companies are outsourcing. Not because they don't have the skill to handle tasks inside, but because they don't have the time. Everyone is doing more with less and trying to become more efficient and leaner. Time is money. Why focus on a low priority like trash when it's not your core competency and focus?

We don't have money budgeted for consulting projects.

If you hire us, it does not require a budget. WE are only paid a portion of the savings when we reduce your costs. In other words... we are paid out of the money that you currently have budgeted for waste disposal. After sharing the savings with us, this budget is still reduced. A win-win scenario.

Is the sharing of savings (50/50) negotiable?

The reason we share the savings 50/50 is that we take all of the risk. If we spend all of our time and resources to come up with only marginal recommendations that do not save money, it doesn't cost you anything.

You also get a lot for that share. When we provide you with recommendations, we don't simply provide a fancy report and expect to get paid. We take responsibility for making sure our recommendations are implemented. After implementation, we continue to monitor the savings for the long term to ensure durability.

How do you make money?

My business will be paid what we believe is a fair amount for the time and resources we put at risk to develop a cost reduction strategy for you that saves you an equal amount of money.

We went through an exhaustive RFP for waste disposal services last year and we are sure we have the best prices in our market(s). How can you do better?

Many of our clients have also used RFP processes to secure the best market pricing available for their waste disposal. Unfortunately, in most areas of the country, the vendors set the market price. Our model is to look at your complete solid waste disposal plan and look for ways it could be arranged more efficiently to reap further savings beyond the lowest unit price.

We'd like to save money but neither my staff nor I have time for another project.

That's the precise reason why you need our services. We offer you the opportunity to save money employing our time and effort. The only time required from you is a 20-30 minute meeting, the time to provide us with initial data, and then attend the next meeting to review and approve the savings we have uncovered. We are willing to invest all of our time, energy, and resources into your business to help you find savings.

We have a contract with specific waste management vendors. Can you find savings while keeping within our contract/agreement so we continue to receive our special volume discount?

No problem! Our model is to work with, not against our clients current vendors. Our model is to use our in-depth knowledge of the solid waste industry to craft a win-win-win scenario for you our client, the hauler, and for us. Unless you specifically ask us to investigate removing a vendor, we will always work with your existing vendor(s) in a way that is beneficial to everyone.

We had a similar company working with us on our utilities. How are you different?

We are different because we don't charge for upfront analysis. We are different because we don't charge for the cost reduction recommendation deliverables. These items are done completely with our resources and investment. We operate our business this way because the odds are in our favor to find savings opportunities for your business, and clients sign with us because they have nothing to lose.

Do you respond to RFPs for waste consulting services?

Yes, we could. Our bid would be zero dollars. We don't charge you anything beyond 50% of the savings we find you. Technically using our services "costs" you negative dollars since you share in the savings, too.

We think we are doing pretty good already.

Wouldn't it be great if every business could have an industry insider examine your services and confirm your vendor(s) are doing everything possible to reduce your costs? It will not cost you anything for us to validate, and if we do uncover an opportunity to save you money, we will simply share in the savings. You win either way.

If you find out that we've been losing money all this time, you'll make me look bad.

In working with us, you will be proactive in your ability to locate a professional who concentrates 100% of their time on solid waste cost issues to help your company save money.


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