"Your waste/recycling audit was detailed and accurate. We're very pleased with the savings that EWS found (30% company-wide). As promised, EWS continues to scrutinize our trash and recycling invoices. Your company had been very successful in helping other Burger King franchises, and we liked your guaranteed no savings = no fee approach."

SRM Inc., (Burger King franchisee)

Confidence in our Ability

We are only paid if we find you savings, and we are only paid out of the savings. Our services pay for themselves, and pay you back.

We would love to meet with you in person for a 20-30 minute meeting. With your agreement, we move forward and will document, review, and analyze all aspects to your business' waste stream. Upon completion, we will provide you a document with our recommendation. All this at no cost to you. Contact us below.

No risk

Hiring EWS requires no funding, no budgetary review, no capital outlay.

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Whether you operate a single location or have facilities nationwide, we can provide on-site, hands-on service to your business. Please let us know more about your business.

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