"Engaging EWS to reduce our waste disposal and recycling expenses at our Coca-Cola facilities has certainly been a win-win experience. Your detailed understanding of our various waste streams and recyclables coupled with your expertise on issues such as transportation and labor costs have enabled us to save thousands of dollars in this important expense area."

Shipping & Warehouse Manager
Coca Cola

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Waste Solutions

Our Self Funded Model is a Win-Win

Emerald Waste Solutions's role with your organization will be a self-funded, off-site resource that will significantly reduce and manage the costs associated with waste and recycling. In this, OWC will advance the efforts of your existing in-house staff using a proven multi-step cost reduction process.

EWS will drive a quantifiable cost savings, and profit improvements to your business' P&L.

EWS will provide your business with a monthly savings report detailing the savings achieved at each location.

We will examine future waste and recycling invoices and correct any errors and overcharges that may arise.

Continuation of our services include managing issues as they arise; such as: adding/removing containers, adjusting frequencies, insuring proper servicing of equipment, implementing new technologies, etc.

Emerald Waste Solutions will manage price increases and aid in negotiating future contracts as needed.


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  •   - Manufacturers
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  •   - Grocery Store Chains
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