"Making the decision to hire EWS was a simple one. If you could save us money on our waste and recycling expenses, we would share it. If you could not, we didn't owe you anything. Not only did you substantially reduce our expenses... when we needed help on other waste related issues you've been available to promptly serve us. I would highly recommend EWS."

Account Manager
Johnson Controls

Leader in Waste and Recycling Solutions

Emerald Waste Solutions, is an affiliate of Environmental Waste Solutions (EWS), a waste management consulting firm focused on reducing costs associated with waste disposal and recycling since 1994.

No Savings For You, No Fees For Us

Our only objective is to lower your costs associated with solid waste disposal and recycling services. We don't get paid unless we save you money.

Use Our Resources, Not Yours

We will perform an in-depth analysis for all of your locations simultaneously. Hiring OWC does two things to increase your resources. 1) Our staff become your self-funded waste and recycling staff, so we can work on finding you savings. 2) The staff who currently spend time on waste and recycling can now focus on other high priority objectives. We pride ourselves on minimizing our impact to your staff and operations during the initial analysis phase. And we will implement all of the approved savings solutions.

Vendor Focus

Since our fees are based on YOUR SAVINGS, our focus is guaranteed to be inline with your focus. What is your waste vendor's focus?

Lower Expenses vs. Increased Revenue

It takes money to generate revenue, so an additional dollar in revenue only generates a fraction of a dollar in net income. When you save a dollar in expenses, it goes straight to your bottom line.

If a company's profit margin is 25%, it would take $4.00 in new revenue to have same impact as saving $1.00 in expenses such as solid waste removal.

Experts in the Industry

We are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to handling a wide variety of waste streams for clients including food waste, landscape waste, paper waste, metal scrap, wood scrap, special waste streams, bio-hazardous waste streams, liquid waste, manufacturing waste and of course, standard municipal trash. Our expertise allows us access to up to date knowledge of the latest technologies, equipment, transportation systems, regulations, alternatives, commodity pricing for all recycling materials and negotiating buying power with the waste haulers and recyclers.

EWS is the nation's largest certified waste management consulting firm. With over 700 affiliate offices, EWS and its affiliates have served over 16,000 clients since 1994. Emerald Waste Solutions and the EWS affiliate network, combine efforts to service clients that have multiple locations throughout North America.


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Recent Client Lists

EWS has recently worked with businesses in the following industries:

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  •   - Hospitality
  •   - Manufacturers
  •   - Restaurants
  •   - Grocery Store Chains
  •   - Convenience Store Chains


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